Call for Postdoctoral fellowships at Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, HEC

The Labex ECODEC is a research consortium in Economics and Decision Sciences common to three leading French higher education institutions based in the larger Paris area: École polytechnique, ENSAE and HEC Paris. The Labex Ecodec offers:

– One-year postdoctoral fellowships for 2017-2018
– Two-year postdoctoral fellowships for 2017-2019

The monthly gross salary of postdoctoral fellowships is 3 000 €.

Candidates are invited to contact as soon as possible members of the research group (see below) with whom they intend to work.

Research groups concerned by the call:
Area 1: Secure Careers in a Global Economy
Area 2: Financial Market Failures and Regulation
Area 3: Product Market Regulation and Consumer Decision-Making
Area 4: Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies and Firms’ Decisions
Area 5: New Challenges for New Data

Please note that HEC, Genes, and X PhD students are not eligible to apply for this call.

Deadline for application: 31st December 2016

Screening of applications and decisions can be made earlier for strong candidates who need an early decision.
The application should be sent to in PDF. Please mention the area number on which you apply in the subject.

The application package includes:

1. A cover letter with the name of a potential supervisor among the group;
2. A research statement;
3. A letter from the potential supervisor in support of the project;
4. A Curriculum vita (with the address of the candidate, phone and e-mail contact).
5. The Ph.D. dissertation or papers/preprint;
6. Reference letters, including one from the PhD advisor. A letter from a member of the research group with whom the candidate is willing to interact will be appreciated.

Selection will be based on excellence and a research project matching the group’s research agenda.

Area 1 “Secure careers in a Global Economy”: Pierre Cahuc (ENSAE), Dominique Rouziès (HEC), Isabelle Méjean (École polytechnique)
Area 2: “Financial Market Failures and Regulation”: François Derrien (HEC), Jean-David Fermanian, (ENSAE) Edouard Challe (École polytechnique)
Area 3: “Decision-Making and Market Regulation”: Nicolas Vieille (HEC), Philippe Choné (ENSAE), Marie-Laure Allain (École polytechnique)
Area 4: “Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies and Firm’s Decisions”: Bruno Crépon (ENSAE), Yukio Koriyama (École polytechnique), Daniel Halbheer (HEC)
Area 5: “New Challenges for New Data”: Anna Simoni (ENSAE), Gilles Stoltz (HEC)